MOMIN Brake Fluid


Momin HiTec Brake Fluid (Dot-3) is a premium quality brake fluid recommended for use in automotive disc and drum hydraulic brake systems of all passenger cars, trucks, buses and tractors.

Momin HiTec Brake Fluid specifies the performance specifications SAE l-1703, FMVSS I l6 Dot-3, VV-B-680B,lSO 4925

Typical Characteristics:

Description Typical Values
Appearance clear & bright
Density @20°C,C, g/cc 1.03
Kinematic Viscosity @ -40°C, c St (max) 1500
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100°C, c St (max) 1.5
ERBP,°C (min) 205
Wet BP, °C (min) 140