MOMIN SURAT Synthethic Engine Oil – SAE 5W30 API-SN

Momin Surat Synthetic Engine Oil is high performance, multi grade oil formulated from selected fully synthetic base fluids and quality proven additive technology for use in passenger cars and light trucks diesel engines under all operating conditions.

  • SAE 5W30

It is optimized to ensure comprehensive engine protection plus,

  • Minimum Oil Consumption: The synthetic, high shear-stable formulation reduces oil evaporation at the elevated ring zone temperatures experienced under all operating conditions.
  • Maximum Power and Fuel Savings: The optimized temperature range capability of synthetic base fluid ensures correct oil viscosity to reduce friction at start-up and to provide maximum lubricity during high temperature operations so as to achieve fuel savings and reduced exhaust emissions.
  • Highest Possible Engine Protection: The oil makes a stable protective film even beyond extreme operating temperatures. The exceptional additive technology system provides superior control of ring belt and piston skirt deposits even under the most severe operating conditions.

Performance Standards:

Momin Surat Synthetic Oil meets and exceeds engine manufacturer’s warranty requirements for applications requiring the following performance standards:


SAE VISCOSITY GRADE 5W-20 5W-30 5W-40 0W-20
Appearance C&B C&B C&B C&B
Specific Gravity @ 60/60°F, g/cc 0.842 0.848 0.8428 0.8389
Flash Point, COC, °C 220 224 232 220
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40°C, c St 49.58 69.90 81.23 42.61
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100°C, c St 8.53 11.50 13.58 8.118
Viscosity Index 149 160 171 161
Pour Point, °C -45 -42 -42 -48
TBN, mg KOH/g 6.85 6.90 7.30 7.3
Sulfated Ash, %wt 0.82 0.82 0.82 0.82

Made in United Arab Emirates