Our long history in the lubricant business is part of our heritage and represents a family legacy of lubricant that dates back four generations. This rich legacy guides us as a company today.

Mian Muhammad Momin establishes Momin Lubricants in late 19th century. Momin Lubricants started producing quality lubricants. At that time our lubricant approved and recognised by Mr. Karl Benz (Mercedes Benz)

In the 1950’s His son also joined his father, Mian Abdual Haq. In 1960’s the company saw its successful participation in the drilling of several oil discoveries in the Arab Countries. Our expertise comes from the fact that we have been present for a long time in all the product development processes.

In August, 1981 the company shifted from UAE to Pakistan. Then Mian Ikram ul Haq took all matters of company in his hand.

Over the past decades, we have continued to grow in Automotive and Industrial lubricants. It’s an evolution that continues today.

Momin Lubricants approved and recognised by Mr. Karl Benz (Mercedes Benz)